Frequently Axed Questions


  • Can I monetize Popup Dungeon gameplay footage?

    Absolutely! We encourage streamers and Youtubers to share footage of themselves playing our game. Sharing is a big part of Popup Dungeon, and we completely understand how hard it can be to maintain a quality channel, so we grant media creators the right to monetize any game play footage of our game (Popup Dungeon) that they record.


    We develop the game, but you bring it to the public. We're here to support you in any way we can. If you need any help or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

  • On what platforms will Popup Dungeon be available?

    Popup Dungeon will initially release on PC, Mac, and Linux, but we have plans to port the game to several other platforms.


    As we stated in our Kickstarter campaign, our first target for porting is the Wii U. The independent screen on its main controller is a great fit for our Dungeon Master system.


    We also would like to bring Popup Dungeon to mobile devices (iOS and Android). We're still looking for options on how players can share user-generated content.


  • Who's making this game?

    This game is being developed by Triple.B.Titles, a family-operated studio based in Dallas, Texas. It was founded by brothers, Paul and Enrique Dryere. Courtney Dryere, Enrique's wife, has recently joined the team as a 2D artist.


    The music is being composed by Gabriel Lefkowitz.

  • I missed the Kickstarter campaign, can I still back?

    The pre-purchase option has been disabled, but we encourage you to wish list us on Steam so you can stay up to date with the game and get your hands on it as soon as possible!


  • When will this game be released?!

    Popup Dungeon currently has no official release date, but  we  hope to have the Alpha available this summer. At this point our "Conquistador" level backers and higher will gain access to the game.


    A backer-exclusive Beta will follow a few months later. We want to avoid hitting Open Beta/Early Access until we feel the game is sufficiently ready.


  • What are the minimum system requirements?

    There are no official minimum system requirements as of yet because we are still adding and optimizing graphical elements. Once Unity 5 is released and both the AI and graphics are in a more finalize state, we'll be able to give you  a more accurate projection, but as of now, an 8 year old computer runs it at full 1080p, 30fps without problems.


    Those of you that have played Ring Runner, our previous game, will know that we're big on graphics options. We fully intend to make Popup Dungeon as customizable and flexible in this regard as we can.


  • Will there be PVP?

    The initial release will feature local and online cooperative play. Each of the characters in your party can be controlled by separate players.


    However, Player Versus Player or competitive game modes will only come if and when we can achieve sufficient balance. We want to avoid competitive play being dominated by specific party builds and combinations. Until we're satisfied that this won't be the case, we'll refrain from releasing a PVP mode. Still, our goal is to achieve this balance, so there's definitely a chance that PVP combat will be  the subject a future expansion.


  • Is this game going to be free to play?

    Currently, we're not planning on creating a free-to-play version of Popup Dungeon. We hope to sell it for one low price and continue to work on plenty of free updates. But of course, most of the post-release content will come from players like you!


    It's our hope that user-generated content will provide a practically limitless stream of new characters, weapons, and enemies for you to experience.


    Our current price point is set at $15 USD.


  • How many characters are there in a party?

    Party size is flexible. You can challenge dungeons as a single lone character or control a party of up to 5 heroes. Control over these characters can be divided amongst several  players either locally or through online coop.


    Another player can also assume the roll of the Dungeon Master, bringing a single game's maximum player count up to 6.


  • Can I make my own tile set?

    We're still working on this one! Our goal is to make the creation process as simple as possible within Popup Dungeon.


    Although we may allow for users to create their own custom tile sets, creating one from scratch will likely require basic modeling skills and knowledge of Unity in addition to 2D artwork. Still, we know there are plenty of very talented folks out there who would be more than happy to put forth the effort to create their own tile set, so we're looking into ways to streamline the process.


    This is likely the subject of a future expansion.


Popup Dungeon is a papercraft roguelike RPG that lets you create any weapon, ability, enemy, and hero imaginable.

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